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About Kumano

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Where is Kumano? What kind of area?

"Kumano" is the whole area from the southern part of Wakayama prefecture to the southern part of Mie prefecture. The Kumano area is a warm and rainy area. The northwestern part faces the mountains, the mountains over 500 meters above sea level are lined up, the southeastern part faces the sea, and you can see a variety of landscapes such as the Rias coast and strange rocks formed by wave erosion. As a result, Kumano is a sanctuary that separates Japan from the sea and mountains, both temporally and geographically. In addition, Kumano Hongu Taisha, Kumano Hayadama Taisha, and Kumano Nachi Taisha are collectively called Kumano Sanzan. The term "Kumano Kodo" is the generic name for the pilgrimage route leading to Kumano Sanzan, and it is also a road for the practice of sacred grounds and mountains.

Kumano is a holy land for reproduction and rebirth

In ancient times, in Japan, the mountain was a sacred place where the spirits of gods and ancestors dwell, as opposed to the villages where people live. Above all, Kumano is a sacred place in the deep mountains where gods are crowded, and the nature of Kumano is tough, but it has a generous side that accepts all people. "I'm visiting Kumano." The process is the process of visiting the sacred place of the deep mountains where the gods are in, going to the country of Hades, reborn, and returning to this world. It is the starting point for visiting Kumano and taking a leap to a new self in order to firmly regain his origin.

Now is the time for Kumano

After all, Kumano has been sought after as a sacred place, Kumano, since ancient times when the times were in need. Many emperors of the old times have visited Kumano. They were usually times of great warfare in history. You will feel like you want to be a new yourself, to start a new thing, to confirm your role as yourself, and to exert yourself. In addition, some people may be tired from their daily work and hard work such as housework. For whatever reason, Kumano is a forgiving place that accepts you. It may be now that I'm visiting Kumano to look back at myself.

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