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What is Kumano Kodo

What does Kumano Kodo mean? What kind of image does Kumano have? The impression of the World Heritage Site of Kumano Kodo will be strong. Kumano is different from other sacred places in the world, like the old road "Kobeji" that connects between Koyasan and Kumanosanzan, and the sacred places of different religions such as Shinto, Shugendo, and Buddhism are called Kumano Kodo. It is tied by the road. People who visit them can freely come and go there. This is a phenomenon that does not exist anywhere in the world. The harmonious coexistence of different religions symbolizes peace and makes Kumano a good model for the world.

Do not distrust or distrust

"Seven times to Ise, three times to Kumano, and a month visit to Atago". It seems that many people were aiming for the Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine, despite the difficult roads that used to be called “Ari no Kumano Ryo”. Why have people been visiting Kumano Sanzan many times over the tough and rugged roads since ancient times? Kumano has been given equal opportunity to pray, whether they believe or not, the poor and the rich, the women and the sick. By tracing the path of hardship leading up to Mt. Kumano, anyone can destroy their sins and injustices and be reborn as a new one while living.

A path where prayers have been unchanging since ancient times

It has always been a mysterious place where people have awe and awe of nature. Unlike secluded areas, the mountain roads have a cool air, are dark in the daytime, and the sounds of trees blowing in the wind echo in the silence. I can't imagine how many people walked along this road. In modern times, the transportation network is well developed and it is easy to go to Kumano, but in the middle of the road many people fell and died. Still, people chose to swear at the Holy Land of Rebirth and Rebirth, and to worship sin and apologize at the hot springs of Rebirth and Rebirth. You should check with your own mind and body.

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