Staying plan

Staying Plan

A wide range of equipment from small groups to large groups

Purlin: Recommended for families and groups

A plan to rent out an old folk house

It is a plan to rent one old private house. Recommended for families and groups An old private house in Kumano where you can feel the "heart of Japan" by leaving yourself to the flow of time. As one building is privately owned, this old folk house is ideal for close friends groups, groups, and events. Full daytime plan for events. If you want to hold an event in Kumano, participants can stay overnight after the event. We are looking forward to your stay and events.

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Gonpachi: Reasonably priced

Relaxed atmosphere

It is a private room type room. We have a shared bath, toilet and kitchen. There is also a common space where everyone can gather. You can use wifi freely inside the building. If you look out from the guest room, you will find Kumano no Mori, which is deep in green. Please relax in the green. We offer a laundry room to help you to continue your comfortable journey.

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Tent / Stay in the car

Feel the energy of Kumano

There is a view overlooking the Kumano River from the hills of Kumano. It's far from the road, so it's very quiet compared to other campsites. And because it's located on a hill, you don't have to worry about the river rising when it rains. You can rest assured that there is a shared toilet and kitchen.

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